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Break The Vicious Circle In My Company

Staying focused at work is something most employees struggle with from time to time. Distractions, fatigue, and stress are all factors that can reduce productivity and increase the risk of accidents and errors within the workplace. When an employee finds it hard to focus at work, he or she can become more stressed as work piles up. The more stressed an employee is, the less productive and more susceptible to burnout he or she will be. All of this leads to a vicious cycle that will continue to worsen the longer it goes unaddressed or uncorrected.

The term “Vicious Circle” is commonly used and associated with bad employee activities caused by various factors such as those already described, but perhaps the owner or senior managers are the ones who allow and even generate vicious circles with their poor organization or little knowledge. Who has the power to break it? Remember, if the head is doing badly, the arms will not be doing better.

Many articles refer to the tiredness, distractions, and emotional or physical fatigue of the employee as if it were their fault to be that way, but no; here we will talk about the responsibilities of the owner and middle managers as the cause of this whole “Vicious Circles”.

What is a Vicious Circle? A Vicious Circle is where the employee does a bad job in revenge for a mistreatment from a boss or even a client, where through revenge the employee finds a little justice because he understands that his boss will do nothing to improve the situation.

Types of revenge used by employees to find peace after an act of injustice by the boss or a customer:

  • Sabotaging equipment or machinery.
  • Steal stuff.
  • Going to the bathroom many times for long periods of time.
  • Do a bad job.
  • Exaggerated time to finish a work.

It is a fact that the owner will never be able to do all the administrative and operative activities of a company by his own hand and not fall into madness, so what should the owner do to delegate a job? well, the answer is very obvious, hire a person more qualified than him for the task. How the owner can do it? At the end of the day, the owner now needs someone like him but with less ambition to fully carry out the task that is going to be entrusted to him. Now the key work of the company begins: hiring managers who are going to carry out the tasks and the owner will begin to reserve the most strategic work.

In society, we unconsciously relate to people very similar to ourselves, with our same tastes or who belong to the same ethnic origin only to feel part of “something” but what really unites people at work or in everyday life, beyond hobbies, race or love of the same football team, that which unites us is the perversity of each one, you do not think about this, it is not in your capacity to analyze, you only feel it, that complicity is beyond words. that which we know we share but that we do not say because of the shame of accepting it, let’s be real, being with someone and laughing or share good moments we do with anyone but what happens when you have to be tough, talk seriously and make strong decisions, I bet you’re going to choose someone similar to you for the simple fact that you already share that dark side that you don’t love showing to everyone and everything becomes easier, keeps you in your comfort zone. Now the newly hired manager becomes an extension of the virtues and defects that the owner has, if the owner hires someone who surprises him in a good or bad way, he will not last long in the position.

It is at this moment that Vicious Circles was born.

All this has deeper implications and also very good implications but now we just focus on ending a Vicious Circles at work

It doesn’t matter how old your company is or how many employees you have, if you don’t know yourself as a person, man or woman, lover, friend, owner, boss, client, etc. etc. you will never be able to end the Vicious Circles of your organization, that means that you will not be able to improve your earnings and you will continue to work late.

How to detect that your company is in a Vicious Circle?

  • Unable to meet established schedules.
  • Many expenses in materials and tools.
  • Many foremen.
  • Lots of unexpected or last-minute jobs.
  • Overworked burnt out people.
  • Work under pressure as a job description.

Self-awareness and acceptance:

Honesty with yourself, self-awareness with justice, and acceptance with humility, have you tried this before? Remember as a motivation, the fact that if an employee does not care about the company, it is because the company does not care about their employee and not the other way around. When you realize that you as the owner are the cause of all the problems of your company you will have the power to remedy them, do not blame others, and learn how to be empathic, we all looking for the best for our families and each one will do what they have to do for them.

As an owner, you will surely find a lot of reasons why employees have bad attitudes or give you bad results, but the only one who has the power to improve the work environment is the owner.

Certainly not in all cases this applies but statistically most of the solutions are put by the owner and not the employees.

Learn from your mistakes, know yourself, and stop judging and blaming employees for poor efficiency

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